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is a transformational technology solutions company whose mission is to serve businesses and governments, by delivering high quality strategic execution services, through world class technology tools, expertise, best practice methodologies and continued quality support. IYCON’s mission, "Sustaining Your Adaptive Advantage™” is geared to help companies discover and maintain their competitive advantage, as well as empowering them with the ability to master change.

IYCON has been serving organizations locally & globally over the past 11 years. Our solutions cover tools such as Business Performance Management, Enterprise Document Management, Project & Portfolio Management, Process documentation, Business Intelligence, and Compliance & Risk Management.

Business Analytics for Managers Series

All IYCON sponsored Webinars are on Monday afternoon usually scheduled for 2PM located in Dubai, UAE. All dates are tentative for now.

Affinity Analysis – Discovering Customer Preferences Dubai, UAE 01/22/2019
Impact Analysis – Dealing With Change Dubai, UAE 02/19/2019
The Managers Journey – Leveraging Analytics for Decision Making Dubai, UAE 03/19/2019
Risk Assessment with Analytics Dubai, UAE 04/23/2019
Finding Hidden Relationships with Organization DNA Dubai, UAE 05/21/2019
Consolidating and Merging Organizations with Semantic AI Dubai, UAE 06/18/2019