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Business Partners

KCI Worldwide Partners
KCI Business Partners



Training and Event Management

Through an impressive and carefully selected range of training courses, event management options and marketing activities we offer complete, turn-key solutions to support your business.

Through partnerships with leading organizations worldwide, we offer high quality business training throughout the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. The topic areas covered include: Management/Leadership, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Telecom, IT, Hospitality, HR and Procurement.

Whether you want to train yourself or your team, generate new business, entertain your team and your clients, or take your business forward through innovative solutions, at Innoverto you will find solutions that are informative, efficient, fun and meticulously planned. To learn more about Innoverto's training programs, click here.

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Upcoming Webinars
KCI has 2 series of webinars for the fall/winter season.

For more information and to register for a webinar, see Innoverto Website

All Innoverto sponsored classes are on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon usually scheduled for 2PM located in Dubai, UAE. All dates are tentative for now.

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Series

Focus – Market use of AI Concepts
Manager’s Journey, Enabling Decision Making with AI - (See More…) Dubai, UAE 01/15/2019
Understanding Customer Behavior AI and Recommendation Engines Dubai, UAE 04/16/2019
Leveraging Knowledge with AI - (See More…) Dubai, UAE 07/16/2019
Organization Image and Sentiment Analysis Dubai, UAE 10/15/2019

Focus – Strategic and Operational value of AI (Dates Are Tentative)
Budget Tracking with AI Dubai, UAE 01/21/2020
AI and risk analysis Dubai, UAE 04/21/2019
Process Augmentation with AI Dubai, UAE 07/21/2019
SWOT analysis with AI Dubai, UAE 10/20/2019