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Management Science – Analytics for Business Improvement

Digitization and BI - The Digital Business meets Business Intelligence

The Digital Business meets Business Intelligence

By Frank Kowalkowski, President Knowledge Consultants, Inc.
Michael G. Miller , Principal, Knowledge Consultants, Inc.

BI today is under duress from the influx of large amounts of data. It is not clear whether BI should just expand what it does to include this influx or create a separate path of a new type of BI that extracts best value from the emerging wave of data. There are several sources and technologies driving this increase in data and there are new algorithms and types of conclusions that we can get from the analytics. Also, the users of this data may be changing from just management to operators of the organization processes. In this article we suggest some interpretation of what is going on and some possible direction an organization and its BI can take to deal with the emerging data issues.

Large volumes of data are thundering into Business Intelligence
Right now one of the largest contributors to the digital enterprise is the Internet of Things (IoT) . What becomes of the huge amount of digital data that is being generated by emerging technology like IoT today ? What part of it relates to managing a business? Several billion people are part of the IoT phenomenon. Seven out of ten people on the planet have access to a cell phone today and re generating huge amounts of social data. A ll this is accounting for t he rapid increase i n the amounts of digital information.

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