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Business Process Management Insights

By Frank Kowalkowski, President Knowledge Consultants, Inc.

Is there a right way to prepare a process diagram? There are many books and papers about what is the best way to diagram a process, what symbols to use, how to connect processes, what the BPMN2 standard is about, how to elicit process requirements, applying simulation for improvement or the more traditional observation method all very useful. There are few books or articles that really show how the various styles and types of maps and models fit and connect together. The relationship of various layers and scopes of processes, why you do them and how they connect together is what is important. The intent of this paper is to describe the difference between a process map and a process model. Other types of process diagrams and their use will be described in future papers. These descriptions are not a standard (except where noted) nor are they universally agreed to, however they do represent current discussions and ideas.

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