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KCI Events

Professional Training and Webinars
KCI Events

KCI – Enabling Capabilities with Learning Events

Knowledge Consultants participates in a number of venues for communicating exciting idea and concepts that are emerging as opportunities for organization to improve, expand, grow, develop and enhance their capabilities.

These events include professional training, webinars, conference participation, road shows and other media events designed to make new things available to organizations internationally.

Check out the Current Events page for exciting upcoming classes and webinars. New significant events are also highlighted through the ‘What’s New’ on the home page.

In House Workshops

Knowledge Consultants, Inc. also offers a suite of In House Workshops courses focusing on business analytics, AI, Machine Learning and related enabling skills. Here is a partial list of workshops we offer.

The Past Events page will give you an idea of some of the topics KCI can customize for your company

For pricing and quotes contact KCI at request@knowledgebiz.com
Upcoming Webinars
KCI has 2 series of webinars for the fall/winter season.

For more information and to register for a webinar, see Innoverto Website

All Innoverto sponsored classes are on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon usually scheduled for 2PM located in Dubai, UAE. All dates are tentative for now.

The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Series

Practical use of Machine Learning and AI Methods - (See More…) Dubai, UAE 08/14/2018
Business and AI a Good Marriage? - (See More…) Dubai, UAE 10/08/2018
The Manager’s Journey and AI – Events, Decisions and Capabilities - (See More…) Dubai, UAE 11/05/2018
Understanding Customers with Machine Learning - (See More…) Dubai, UAE 12/11/2018
Leveraging Expertise with AI - (See More…) Dubai, UAE 01/15/2019
Understanding your Organization’s image with Sentiment Analysis - (See More…) Dubai, UAE 02/12/2019

Business Analytics for Managers Series

All IYCON sponsored Webinars are on Monday afternoon usually scheduled for 2PM located in Dubai, UAE. All dates are tentative for now.

Affinity Analysis – Discovering Customer Preferences Dubai, UAE 01/22/2019
Impact Analysis – Dealing With Change Dubai, UAE 02/19/2019
The Managers Journey – Leveraging Analytics for Decision Making Dubai, UAE 03/19/2019
Risk Assessment with Analytics Dubai, UAE 04/23/2019
Finding Hidden Relationships with Organization DNA Dubai, UAE 05/21/2019
Consolidating and Merging Organizations with Semantic AI Dubai, UAE 06/18/2019